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Family Home Evening made easy!

Hi Everyone, we are experiences a lag time on our site from the time you purchase your packet until it shows up in your files online.  If you are experiencing this lag you can speed up the process by sending me a quick text or call at (720)-870-0398  Sorry for the inconvenience we are working on the problems.......actually my tech guy (Sherwin)  is working on it, since he is way cooler than I am.


Click here to get our "Tall Tale" packet for FREE or purchase the color version for $1.

All purchases are for DOWNLOAD.  Enjoy your packet instantly! 



October Week 1: "The Family: A Proclamation to the world" came from God to help my family.

October Week 2: "Marriage between a man and a woman is essential to God's plan."

October Week 3: "When family life is founded on the teachings of Jesus Christ, we can be happy."

"What is a Family"
"The Creation"
"Noah's Ark"

"Ten Commandments"
"Love one Another"

"I can work hard"
"I can be a Good Helper"