Family Home Evening made easy!



June Week 1: I pray to Heavenly Father for strength to do what is right.

Week 2: When I pay my tithing, Heavenly Father will bless me. 

Week 3: I obey the Word of Wisdom by eating and drinking
that which is good and avoiding that which is bad.

Week 4: When I dress modestly, I respect my body as a gift from God.

  The Sacrament

"My Body is a Temple'


"Word of Wisdom"


July Week 1: Fasting and prayer can strengthen my testimony.

Week 2: Being kind is doing and saying nice things to others.

I was in charge of our Stake Youth Conference that included 5 days of camping and activities for 300 people.  Needless to say Sharing Times took a back seat.  Hopefully I will get the last two weeks in July done shortly.